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Country Rocks Hour

21/12/2016 - John Barilaro in the Studio

Thanks to John for dropping in and having a chat to Disko, Mary & Rod.

Magic Carpet Ride with Cool Bill

Magic Carpet Ride presents the underground sound track to the wild 1960s and 70s.

You’ll hear rare obscurities side-by- side with the classics in the context of the times that produced them.

Well Done Gavin

Postman retires after 16 years

Elspeth Kernebone
4 Nov 2016, 11:43 a.m.

EX-POSTIE: Gavin Pillidge, Braidwood's postie, has retired after 16 years on the job. Picture: Elspeth Kernebone.


Rain, hail, sleet and shine, Gavin Pillidge delivered the mail to Braidwood for 16 years. Mr Pillidge, who retired last week, says his time on the job has been “a bit of a privilege.”

Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers to rock Majors Creek

As a part of her Country Halls Tour and in conjunction with Braidwood FM, the Greenhorns and the Major Creek Music Festival, Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers will be Playing at the Majors Creek Hall on Friday 9 September. Majors Creek is a Beautiful little village.