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SNEZ Interview

Thanks for dropping by and chatting to us.


SNEZ in the Studio

We will be chatting to SNEZ at about 11am on Wed 20 April. You can catch her at The Braidwood Folk Club gig.

'House on Four wheels' tour 2016 - Braidwood Folk Club

Wilson St Braidwood, NSW 02 4842 8142


Green Horn Radio Moving to 5:30pm

From Monday 4th April, The Green Horns will be on air from 5:30pm, So do not miss them. 5:30 - 7:30pm.

Green Horn Radio

Today (Monday 28 March) Green horn radio will be hard at the earlier time of 5:30pm.

Green Horn Radio

The Green Horns “weird animal” pictures

Mick and Nick introduce a weird animal each Monday night. Here are some of the creatures lucky enough to be featured on the show.  

Poodle Moth

Poodle Moth

Pink Fairy Armadillo

First Outdoor Broadcast

Today we conducted our first outdoor broadcast, and we chose the 140th Braidwood Show as the venue, We have had the Tieline equiptment for some time, but it had never been setup.

Whilst there were a few issues it was generally a success, and with a little fine tuning, we will be out and about at future events.

Thanks to Rod and Dennis for manning the Mikes. Well Done.


2BRW at the Braidwood Show

Hamish Hudson

Thanks for coming on Greenhorn Radio Hamish.


Check him out here

John Barilaro & Ric Colless Interview

Great to have John & Ric in the Studio today for a chat with Jill



Fraymed - Live stream 19/2/2016

Friday 19th at 6pm we will be live streaming 2NVR where they will be broadcasting live the band, "Fraymed" Should be a good listen, our thanks to 2NVR for allowing this.

All part our our live music month.