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The Timbers Live in the Studio

The Timbers Performing live in the 2BRW stdio on Sunday 14th Feb 2016.



Green Horns Interview The Timbers

The Greenhorns will be Interviewing The Timbers on Sunday 14th after 11am as part of their RESTLESS TOUR, they are then playing at the Braidwood Hotel. Tune in and have a listen.

Check Them out here


Live Music Night

Look what we are doing.


.Braidwood FM - Live Music Night

Camping is available for a small donation. See for more infor.

Local Horse Trainer

On Monday night, the Greenhorns Mick’n’Nick interviewed local Horseracing Trainer Aaron Clarke who is preparing for the Braidwood Cup horseracing meet next Saturday 13 February. Aaron’s local horses running throughout the day include Bio Graphical, Kala’s Wish, Alabasta Bay, Four Ten Bobby, Helm and Aaron’s Braidwood Cup entrant Tony the Pony. The Greenhorn special of the day is Tony the Pony, who Mick’n’Nick believe will run a bold race!!!


Brewn Interview

Great Interview with Mick from Brewn, thanks for dropping in. Catch them tonight at 8pm Royal Hotel Bungendore. Sorry Nick got out of hand at the end.

Check them out


The Timbers

Some Hot news, Green Horn Radio will be Interviewing The Timbers next week, Stay Tuned for more details,


The Timbers