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A program of Five Free Interactive Workshops for interested people, young and adult, are held at various times during the year.  


The workshops will cover

  • Off air preparation for program introduction
  • Off air preparation for program presentation
  • Preparation for in-studio interviews; and
  • Studio phone interviews


Please telephone Jill McLeod on (02) 4842 2626 or email her at [email protected] or [email protected]   or email the Station Manager Gordon Waters at [email protected] with expressions of interest.   


On Air Presentation & Interview Techniques

A Program of Five Interactive Workshops




WEEK 1 Off air preparation for program introduction

• Plan and write station identification words

• Decide on placement of emphasis

• Practice off air reading of station identification

• Plan and write a short but strong self-introduction

• Pre-presentation reading practice

• Write brief description of planned program content

• Analyse program content

• Decide on the important elements of your program

• Decide which elements should be emphasised to maintain listeners’ interest

• Pre-presentation reading practice

• Prepare a mock-up of a public community notice

• Analyse the content of the notice

• Decide on the important elements of the notice

• Gauge strength of voice emphasis on important elements

• Reading practice


WEEK 2 Off air preparation of program presentation—aim to be more than just a DJ

• Prepare program well before radio program time slot

• Divide program into approximate time sections

• Allow for scheduled sponsors’ messages and aim to pre-program before going on air.

• Allow for National News and sponsor (currently Essential Energy)

• Make notes of interest about artist, musicians, scheduled performances, past hits, etc.

• Allow for random messages to go to air—eg funeral notices, scheduled power outages.

• Role play presentation

• Prepare critique. Listen and learn from peer comments


WEEK 3 Preparation for in-studio Interview

• Make note of relevant happenings in the community– eg Australia Day, Anzac Day, school performance, sport occasion, local musician concert etc

• Plan the approach to invite guest to studio to talk about special occasion

• Research history and make notes of event—avoid political comment (policy of 2BRW)

• Research relevant activities of invited guest and record correct name, title, etc.

• Prepare questions to ensure natural conversation and no dead air moments

• Make notes about putting interview to air including time management or CD tracks if a performing artist

• Role play interview


WEEK 4 Prepare for out door flash mic and studio phone interviews

• Preparation prior to interview as required for in-studio interviews

• Information about interviews arranged through management agencies

• Approach guest to make mutually convenient time for outdoor interview or studio interview or adhere strictly to arrangements made with guest’s management if interviewing professional performing artist

• Understanding the use of technology to put phone interview to air.

• Record mock interviews on the flash mic


WEEK 5 Graduation hour on the air

• The Manager of 2BRW has agreed that the participants in the workshops may each have a short time on air to use the skills learnt over the four weeks. The time allocated will depend on the number of participants.

• Preparation of “on air” time must be made in advance to ensure a successful presentation or interview