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Breakfast In The Garden with Jill McLeod

Saturdays from 8 am to 11 am

Veteran journalist/presenter Jill McLeod presents BREAKFAST IN THE GARDEN every Saturday morning from 8 am to 11 am with Guests Roger & Dennis.

Dennis will present his bountiful horticultural knowledge in two half hour segments through the morning, usually at 8 am and again at 9.30 am. However, these two presenters, who enjoy very much  working together, end up having so much fun that sometimes the morning schedule goes completely awry.

Another weekly regular on Breakfast in the Garden is our own very special weatherman, Roger Hosking (also known as 007), and he joins the program at 9.00 am.  2BRW cannot guarantee that Roger will only speak about the weather. At Dennis and Jill’s prompting he will go off into the realms of his knowledge about wildlife, forestry and all things natural. Roger also enjoys a broad view of scientific matters (he is an avid reader of New Scientist) and is a bit of a devil with his word power.

For variety there is a liberal sprinkling of music, an update on all the happenings around town and country, a joke or two (clean !!), the National News on the hour and cameos on people and facts with an emphasis on human interest and rural stories together with historic anniversaries that fall into line with the program time, day and date.   

From 10am through to 11am you may hear Jill present a combination of interviews (with local identities, members of local clubs or not-for-profit groups, visiting music artists, councillors, politicians) or a regular weekly radio serial. This last hour becomes a mixed bag of on air activities.

Switch on and join Dennis and Jill for an interesting and entertaining Saturday morning – 2BRW will make your day !!