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Fanny Lumsden at Majors Creek

Fanny Lumsden At Majors Creek

9 September 2016

Tickets here

For five years now the Western NSW raised, Fanny Lumsden and her cracking band ‘The Thrillseekers’ have been bringing halls alive and communities together on their Annual Country Halls Tour through regional Australia. With nearly all the shows on the 2015 Country Halls Tour sold out, Lumsden has built up her own version of touring that takes the music out to the people and places well off the touring circuit.

“They are just the best shows, as people drive from miles around and the whole community, from Grandma’s to Kids come out for a catch up and some good old live music” Said Fanny, ‘there’s something really special and almost nostalgic about the shows, we can’t wait to get out there again”. 

With shows in over 15 halls through regional NSW, Victoria and Queensland this self produced and run tour kicks off in September and will run until the end of November.

Beginning back in 2012, the Country Halls tour kicked off as a fundraiser for the voluntary organisation Blazeaid who were working in the Riverina. 26 halls and five years later its really come in to its own.

Rolling Stone Magazine claimed Fanny to be ‘A breath of fresh country air’ & Rhythms Magazine claimed ‘Australia’s answer to Americana’ . Her debut record Small Town Big Shot came in at #6 on the Country ARIA Chart & with both singles reaching #1 on the Country Music Channel, it’s no wonder she was asked to present a CMAA award alongside Paul Kelly & nominated for CMC New OZ Artist of the year. With the first half of 2016 having seen Fanny drive over 20,000km playing shows from Tasmania to Darwin, the Western NSW raised Fanny Lumsden is as The Australian said ‘a rising singer songwriter turning heads’.

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