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Magic Carpet Ride with Cool Bill

It is an alternative music show that examines the spirited music recorded primarily between 1962 and 1975 and the legacy of the sounds of that era in the decades since. The program is presented by Bill McGinnis who has over 40 years of community broadcasting experience. Magic Carpet Ride features a tapestry of obscure rock, folk and blues artists, many who have never been broadcast before. It also focuses more on relatively unheard album tracks rather than popular singles. The show’s content includes psychedelia, protest music, garage bands, country rock, folk rock, blues rock, progressive rock, early heavy metal, rhythm and blues, soul, singer songwriters, early world music and some crossover jazz. Aside from playing the unexpected, there is always an analytical focus. Magic Carpet Ride is usually about 1/3 spoken word as music is discussed in the context of the social and political circumstances that shaped it. The show also deals with the biographical and historical aspects of the musicians, producers, songwriters and record labels. Music is carefully selected to ensure there is a wide variety of styles, pace and volume in every program.

Wednesday from 7pm