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Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, 23rd October 2020 The CBAA is pleased to see the Federal Government’s recognition of the community broadcasting sector’s hard word and dedication throughout and in the aftermath of […]

Thanks to Robin Tennant-Wood

Braidwood Lions Club members are delighted to announce that this Festival will run again in 2020. The aim of the Festival, which first ran in 2018, is to give school […]

ART ON FIRE Exhibition and book launch December 2020 Telling our stories of the 2019-2020 bushfires ​ BRAG invites the community of Braidwood and the villages to join this project! You […]

“When it comes to community radio … it’s vital as a service there in Braidwood and I have no doubt that during the fires you were absolutely relied upon, because […]

“The local volunteer radio station became our version of London Calling” Walker says, referring to the BBC’s wartime broadcasts to Nazi-occupied Europe. “We turned on the radio every hour to hear […]

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