Violet Wasson / Presenter

Violet Wasson shows

The Greenhouse

The type of music you play: a variety of mainly new, independent and alternative music peppered with country, hip-hop and a few classics from the 70s.

The day and time your show is on: Fridays 3-5

How long you have been in radio: 4 years at 2BRW (2020)

Music has always been a part of my life; I grew up forced to listen to opera and sound tracks to musicals, but used to hide in my room to secretly listen to the radio. By year 5, I was organising lunch time discos at school. At high school I used to make cassette tapes for the school bus and bring my record player to school on the back of my bike to play records during art. I love that there is a song for every emotion, from being heartbroken to feeling like being alive is the best thing ever, and every experience in between.

When not on radio or listening to music, I work as a health care practitioner in my own business and lecture in the Bachelor of Health Science as well as studying for my Masters in Human Nutrition. I have two beautiful boys: Jack, 16 and Kayle, 27 and the best dog in the world – Joey. I love being part of the community here in Braidwood!

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