An Audience with the Pope

with Michael Pope

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Wednesday 10:00 pm 10:30 pm

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After 30 years in the entertainment industry, Michael Pope has worked with many of the country’s finest entertainers: actors, musicians, TV presenters and more. From legends like Ray Martin and Sam Newman, Shane Bourne and Marcia Hines to the new players of today – Charlie Pickering, Rove, Cosentino to name just a few. He has either hosted, produced or been just out of shot as the audience warm-up for most of the light entertainment programs made over the last 30 years. So who better than Michael to touch base in a series of one-on-one interviews with the people who entertain us in a series called An Audience With The Pope.

A relaxed and entertaining 15 minutes or so is spent exploring his subject’s thoughts on: success, what brought them to the path they are on, regrets, moments they’d like to relive, how they’d spend $15 million and much more.

With over 50 interviews in the series – and more coming online all the time – Michael invites the listener into the world of his guest to gain a little more understanding of what makes them one of Australia’s favourite faces.

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