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Music from the 70's, 80's and 90's and  classic albums, artist profiles.


TC grew up in an academic home with his Dad being and Archaeologist and his Mother was a History Professor so his life was mapped out very early.

After studying journalism and music history for 18 years at Rolling Stone University in New York TC returned to Australia and continues to delve deep into the stories and the music born on the open roads of this big brown land. With contacts worldwide TC taps into the international group of hard-core rock n roll historians to research and find those unique stores and the great music you hear each week on the Time Capsule.


Craigo was abandoned as a baby in a Fender Guitar Case at a pub gig. Growing up on the road with his adopted rock n roll family he has many stories and insights into the world of rock n roll.

There is hardly a place he has not been or a band he has not seen across our wonderful country and around the world. Having worked with TC since last century, Craigo steers the Time Capsule ship each week finding the music and pressing the buttons to compliment the hours of research conducted by TC every week.


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