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Listener Feedback

Radio Jilly

Yolande I was driving back from my Canberra day trip yesterday evening to Bateman’s Bay in the pouring rain, barely able to see where I was going up and down Clyde Mountain, but luckily managed to find your radio show. What a treat! The wireless was hanging on by a thread to the 88.9fm signal but hang on it did. Had not heard that Spazzy’s song in ages. Other than Classic FM I had not been able to tune into anything worth listening to all day. What a great little community radio station.

James from Perth

Dave Newan


Hey Guys,

Firstly , thanks for the phone interview last Friday.

I spoke with Pete ( Disco )  , a true gent!!
I played the Nerriga Pub on Sunday and felt I left a good impression on the place.
I even picked up a gig from the interview with you guys at one of the local Pubs in your area after the guy heard me on the radio.
Just wanted to say thanks and you guys do a great job.
 Dave Newman Guitar/Vocals.

Fire Covaerage


I am very in awe of Braidwood community radio.

My family all live in Braidwood or surrounds and we have been back and forward from Robertson over the last weeks. Your station has held the community together and given such comfort. When my husband and i travelled on the oallen rd last week (hwy closed) you were with us all the way. At manar and Braidwood you are constantly in our kitchens giving us warm and very human updates on the hour. Phil on the hill, Matt and the flat, Vera of the village…. I just can’t thank you enough.

We have felt so connected and informed.

Also love the eclectic music!! We are converts. And we can sometimes pick up in the southern highlands! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Emma Gordon

Braidwood FM

The Green Horns

I was really looking forward to hearing this weeks instalment of Hamish’s bad song. I’m Carolyn 67 years young. I always tune in from Cairns in sunny Queensland

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