The Atomic Countdown

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Friday 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

up and coming new music and new artists

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This show comes out of 2REM in Albury and is all about up and coming new music, new artists and live bands X Award Winner – Atomic Countdown.

Albury Wodonga-based 2REM FM’s drive to engage the youth demographically has yielded promising results. Their artist-orientated programming has cultivated a loyal new following by orchestrating a localised music countdown for original musicians.
Regional musicians are often the most inspired, residing in the natural beauty of the countryside.

They are frequently known to submit their original music works to community radio stations in order to get put into rotation. The crew down at 2REM is amalgamating these submissions into ‘the borders’ own top-twenty music countdown, The Atomic Countdown.

The competitive nature of the charts has invigorated teenagers and young adults, galvanizing a loyal following for the show and a new-found pride for contemporary music and creative pursuits in the regional area. This fantastic initiative has made use of the various new forms of media (digital and social) to spread the word about the music charts and encourage song submissions online.

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