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Nick, Violet and Hamish get together Monday nights between 5:30-7:30pm to bring you two hours of laughs, music, dribble, local events and guests. There is a language and theme warning on every show so if you are a complainer maybe give this show a miss!

The Greenhorns are Braidwoods' premium non-PC radio show (that is on a Monday night between 5:30-7:30).
Nick, Hamish and Violet join forces to bring you two hours of laughs, dribble, music, guests, local updates and more.
There is a languange and theme warning on every show, because life is too short and we like having fun.
The studio number is 0419 722 578 so feel free to text in to join the conversation. And remember to put your name on the bottom so we know who we're talking to!

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Hamish Topical Song - Language Warning

Sorry Matt - Hamish Hudson - 23/11/2020
Waiting to Burn - Hamish Hudson - 18/1/2021

GreenHorn Radio - 29/3/2021

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